The Great American Divide:

How did we get here? Can we heal? What can we do?

Not just about the Sixties, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll
Part 1: History
The American and the French Revolution
Constitution: Catholic or Protestant Roots? 
Orthodoxy and Conservatives: Who's in Charge?
Liberals and Progressives: A Difference of degree?
Libertarians: Why don’t they play well with others?
Socialism: Leveling the playing Field?
Marxism: Why Total War on Institutions and Family?
Part 2: Cultural Divisions
Regional Divide: Urban vs. Country
Class Divisions in A Classless Society
The Theistic Divide: Science vs Religion
The Nature of Man: Good, Evil, or Beyond Good and Evil?
New Age Divide: Wiccan and Crystals: Filling a Cultural Vacuum
Abortion Divide: What is a life?
New Green Divide: Conservation, New Eden, or Armageddon?
Immigration Divide: Elites vs. Workers
The Labor and Family Divide: Men vs. Women
LGTBQ: Acceptance vs. Normalization, Internal Divisions
Part 3: Values
The Elephant and The Rider (This will be updated)
6 values of culture – Haidt
Competition: Equality vs. Equity
Preference or Fundamental Difference
Ancient Wisdom - virtues, True Detachment, East vs West
Struggle and Self Correction
Cultural Confidence: Certainty, Necessity, Completeness
Institutions – on the left and on the right
Part 4: Methods and Tactics
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Mandatory Government Education
Parents, College and Authority Transference
Will to Power: Hammer and Nails
From The Prince and The Tao of War to Alinsky
Racism and Networks of Power
Paranoia and Conspiracy Theories
Sins of the Nation: Guilt Persuasion
Good Intentions: Riding a Wave to Power
Part 5: Resolution
Future Wars: Progress and Time
      Why the Left Fails – Permanent Revolution
      Why the Right Fails - Complacency
Revolution Cycles: The Pragmatists and The Idealists
Nock's Solution: 
      Political Causes: Malevolence, Incompetence, and Stupidity
      The Remnant