In Full Bloom…

Life is finally returning to our backyard. Here in Texas, we live from drought to drought but fortunately, we have had a good amount of rain this year. It is common to hear Texans complain about the rain and the floods that come with it, then add, “But, we needed it.” Rain is rarely a gentle thing here. It is more like the sky opens up and blasts of water and hail come crashing down. However, even when it ends up with dangerous flooding we need whatever we can get. And now, with all the people moving to Texas from other parts of the country, we will need even more – just hopefully not all at once.

It took me several months to get a better emergency plan enacted in this household and we are still learning about our new equipment. I also put in place a new grocery and budget plan so that we will be not be caught by surprise the next time a power grid breakdown occurs. I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything. There are always problems one can’t anticipate, but we should be okay.

Next week, my husband and I will be traveling to New York for his brother’s memorial. So, this is a short post because we are still preparing to do that. When I return I will be posting more often. And I will begin with some resources that helped me do all the emergency and food storage preparations that I have been consumed with the past few months.

I feel we have turned a corner and I am glad life is returning to normal…whatever that is these days.

Until next time. 🙂

Life and Death in the Texas Snowpocalypse

It doesn’t look like a dangerous amount of snow – especially to someone who grew up in New York like me – but this is Texas. Even if one knows how to drive in snow, one knows it’s not worth the risk to drive on the same roads with those who don’t. The Dallas,Texas pileup video below tragically illustrates the danger of traveling in Texas during winter storms. It involved about 100 vehicles, five people died and over 60 were sent to hospitals. It’s amazing to me that the death toll wasn’t higher.

February delivered two blows to our family in Texas. At the beginning of the month word came that my husband’s brother was dying from cancer – he himself had only learned of the diagnosis for less than a week. Less than 24 hours later he passed away. Years ago a friend, who has also passed on, said to me that it seems to us some people just aren’t supposed to die and that’s why it’s so much harder when they die. My brother-in-law was one of those people. It’s only been a little more than a month since he’s been gone, but we are still in shock over it. His strength and good heart will never be forgotten by those who knew him.

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays – at least as much as possible during this pandemic season.

I will be back to posting regular articles soon.

Until then I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a better year ahead.

Galveston 2020

Taking a break in beautiful Galveston. It’s a bit stormy today, but it’s been beautiful most of our visit.

My husband and I have thought of retiring to Galveston, but we’re not sure if it ruin it as a getaway place for us. We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t as we love the beach so much. Still, when I am missing it there are some great web cams on the Island. You can find them here: Galveston Webcams

Here are some pictures from my visit:

I will be back to regular posting (such as it is) by the end of next week, I hope. If you have followed me at all, you know I’m a bit of a slow writer. 🙂

It’s Been A Week…

Yellow Burn

My laptop’s battery began a meltdown last week and I’m just now getting back up to speed with a new computer.

So, what happened? I opened up the browser and noticed a yellow burn – the color on my frowny face above – on the white background. I had no idea what was causing it so I Googled “yellow burn surface.” I don’t know what’s worse – a search result which comes up with nothing or one where your problem comes up right on top of the search list goes on and on and on.

It turns out this has been a problem for Surface Pro laptops for some time due to the lithium batteries used in them. Once the yellow burn mark appears you can kiss the whole thing goodbye. If you are within the warranty you can get the computer replaced, but I am out of luck.

I was fortunate in that I caught the problem before I lost any files. But, it was a major disappointment because the computer was less than three years old.

But now I have a new laptop. It’s an Acer workhorse – nothing fancy. And I should be back with new posts very soon.