Political Fever: On Finding the Calm Inside the Storm…

So, I got all caught up with the news feeding frenzy last week. After all, I am a news junkie and politics is our national daily soap opera.

Yes, it makes me all riled up as much as the next person. I’ve already had my knockdown, drag-out fights with a friend on the other side of the aisle. Then, 50 comments later and worn out, we went back to showing each other cute puppy videos. It’s not worth losing people you care about to problems you did not start and cannot change.

To calm my soul enough to back down off the ledge is no easy task.  I have to remind myself that politics is an art of manipulation.  Both parties try to get you to feel more than think. Every matter is dialed up to 11. Every vote is a crisis.  

Having lived through two impeachments in my life I can promise you that by the end of this one no one will be happy. Impeachments bring out the worst on both sides, divide the country and leave very bitter feelings when it finally ends. Sometimes people never get over the experience.

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