Dueling Populisms: Finding Balance In A Difficult Age

Populism is a symptom, not a cause of our turbulent times. While not all populism is bad, it’s also true that it’s not a good sign about the health of the nation’s soul.

It would have never happened but for the state of our political parties. The leadership of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have abandoned the working man. When you despise your fellow man, you lose their respect and trust.

“Writing off large swaths of the American interior as the country of losers has been among the most radical developments in American history. For those who missed out on the advantages of one-world commerce, it was sometimes seen mostly, in Darwinian terms, as their own fault, either because they did not, for example, pack up and head to the fracking fields of Texas or North Dakota, or because their self-inflicted pathologies excluded them from acquiring the skills and education necessary to succeed in the knowledge-based “information” economy.” – VDH

The full article by Victor Davis Hanson explains the history of populism and why it’s not new to the world. Click here…

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Barbara Kelley

What happens after the rise of populism? Yeah, it’s probably not good. But, sometimes knowing why a thing is happening helps ease one’s anxieties and prepares one to deal with the fallout. Also, since we have the advantage of hindsight that other civilizations did not have, maybe it’s not too late to get back on a constructive path.