In Full Bloom…

Life is finally returning to our backyard. Here in Texas, we live from drought to drought but fortunately, we have had a good amount of rain this year. It is common to hear Texans complain about the rain and the floods that come with it, then add, “But, we needed it.” Rain is rarely a gentle thing here. It is more like the sky opens up and blasts of water and hail come crashing down. However, even when it ends up with dangerous flooding we need whatever we can get. And now, with all the people moving to Texas from other parts of the country, we will need even more – just hopefully not all at once.

It took me several months to get a better emergency plan enacted in this household and we are still learning about our new equipment. I also put in place a new grocery and budget plan so that we will be not be caught by surprise the next time a power grid breakdown occurs. I’m sure I haven’t thought of everything. There are always problems one can’t anticipate, but we should be okay.

Next week, my husband and I will be traveling to New York for his brother’s memorial. So, this is a short post because we are still preparing to do that. When I return I will be posting more often. And I will begin with some resources that helped me do all the emergency and food storage preparations that I have been consumed with the past few months.

I feel we have turned a corner and I am glad life is returning to normal…whatever that is these days.

Until next time. 🙂