The Unfinished Revolution in Physics

While I have been working on my current series of posts, God Is Not A Unicorn, I thought it might help my case if I referred you to some heavy hitters in the field of Physics who could back me up – at least at the scientific end of my argument. Some time this week I will add a new post with a bibliography from scientists who are trying to give the general public a deeper insight into the troubles surrounding our current understanding of physical reality. For now, in this post, I give you Carver Mead.

Carver Mead is a pioneer in the field of microelectronics. He’s been trying to wake up the Physics community for a long time about the need to rethink the way we model the physical world. He is very soft spoken, but if you listen carefully to what he is saying you will find it is mind blowing.

ISSCC 2013 Plenary The Evolution of Technology Carver Mead, Professor Emeritus, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? (Part 2)

This is Part 2 in the series: God is Not a Unicorn: The Myth and Physics of Creation

In Part 1 we looked at the reason why the question of God ‘s existence cannot be satisfied by an appeal to the imagination alone.

The question of why is there something rather than nothing has been with us for as long as man first acquired language and began to ask questions about the world around him. It is not a simple question and it does not belong to one branch of knowledge. The discussion of it can get complicated quickly, as you can see from the quotation below. In this post I will try to break the question down into simpler language so that we can understand the various approaches to answering it more fully.

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God is Not a Unicorn: The Myth and Physics of Creation (Part 1)

A common argument against the existence of God is to use an analogy with imaginary things such as unicorns. It is said that because unicorns are a product of human imagination then God must be too. The reasoning goes that because unicorns have never been seen, they do not exist and so the same must be true for God. But this is a poor analogy and it is important to understand why before dismissing the concept of God altogether as a fantasy.

Narwhal tusks and Marco Polo

First let us consider the origin of the unicorn. One theory for the imaginative invention of the Unicorn is that Narwhale tusks were the model for the type of horn we see on European representations of unicorns as in the photo above. These unicorns look like an antelope or a horse with the narwhale horn coming out of the middle of its forehead. It is possible the unicorn started as a tall tale from a fisherman or a beachcomber.

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Celtic Soul Music

Running behind as usual. While I’m working on my next post: God Is Not a Unicorn: The Myth and Physics of Creation [I will update with a link], here’s a bit of soul music by the fabulous Van Morrison.

We All Need a bit of a Zen Break…

Take a moment from the world’s chaos for a moment to enjoy a different moment of beauty.