Life Hacks: Save your nails with this kitchen aid.

I keep the scrappers in a cup by my kitchen sink.

Here’s a quick, inexpensive hack. They’re called Pan Scrapers, but they work on all kinds of surfaces where any kind of goop has stuck. If you are ever tempted to use a fingernail to get under it to work it free, then this little tool is for you!

They are stronger than fingernails, which in my usual impatience I would use when other scrubbers would fail to get the gunk off my pans. By the time I finished the dishes or cleaned a wall or floor my fingernails would be torn. It’s not that I’ve ever paid attention to my nails, but I don’t like pain either. I would like to keep them intact. And for anyone who takes pride in their nails, this little product is worth it.

They are made of silicone and will get that cast iron pan completely scrapped clean in no time. I use them every time I do the dishes, keeping them in a cup on my windowsill for easy access.

I found them in my supermarket so look there for them or you can click on the picture link below Amazon. (Please note that I get a commission if you use that link)